Following the lifting of restrictions by the Government, we would like to reassure all our patients that the way we interact with you will not be changing. All staff and consultants will continue to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing, and we require our patients and visitors to do the same, so that we are all protected.

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Current Fee Schedule

Valid from 1st January 2019
Prices do not include medication, routine investigations, embryo freeze


Consultation Fee - 1st Appointment


Follow  Up Consultation Fee




IVF (excludes drugs)
Drug Cost Approx £600 - £1400 varies from patient to patient (not included in price)
Refund if Cycle Abandoned before Egg Collection £2320.00 


ICSI Supplement
If patients have been planned for IVF and this is changed on the day of egg collection, a supplementary cost will need to be paid


ICSI (excludes drugs)
Drug Cost Approx £600 - £1400 varies from patient to patient (not included in price)
Refund if Cycle Abandoned before Egg Collection £3320.00


Intra Uterine Insemination (excludes drugs)


Frozen Embryo Transfer (excludes drugs)
Drug Cost Approx £300, but additional drugs will be required if positive result upto 10 weeks of pregnancy (not included in price)


Abandoned FET


MESA (Surgical sperm recovery biopsy)
There will be additional cost for the freezing of sperm approx. £400


PESA (Surgical Sperm retrieval fresh)


Additional Services  
Endometrial Scratch    £230.00
Time Lapse Photography (embryoscope - payable directly to Leeds)    £620.00
Embryo Glue (payable directly to Leeds)    £100.00
Ultrasound Scan - Consultant
Ultrasound Scan - Any other practitioner


Storage of Gametes (Embryos & Sperm)
Payable directly to Leeds


   (for 1st years storage)
   (for subsequent years)
Pelvic Ultrasound Scan - Radiology    £261.19 
Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) - Radiology     £460.58 
Donor Matching Appointment - Leeds
Includes screening tests, sperm matching, tracking cycle and a  Counselling Appointment
Obtaining sperm - costs can vary depending on quantity, where purchased and transport fees
Tracking Cycle    £150.00 
Chalmydia Antibodes - serum    £118.44 
Rubella Antibodes    £66.69 
AMH Blood Test    £189.81 
Interpreter    £30/hour 
Overseas Monitoring Package    Price on Request 


Paying for Treatment
If you are not eligible for NHS funding and are undergoing treatment as a Private Patient you will be expected to pay on or before the day of your Nurse Consultation.   Payment can be made using Credit Cards, no additional fees apply.

Cancellation of Treatment
Refunds will be made for cycles abandoned prior to egg collection.   No refund is applicable once embryos have inseminated or thawed. A cycle is deemed complete at the point of egg collection/embryo thaw.

Cost of Medication
NHS funded patients will have their medication delivered by and will incur no charges for this medication.  If you require additional medication whilst undergoing treatment a current prescription charge will be incurred unless you are exempt from these charges.

Private Patients will receive their medication from Healthcare at Home.  The price will range from approximately £600-£1500 depending on the dosage and medication prescribed.   Medication will be delivered to the address supplied by the patient.  If additional medication is required during the course of your treatment, further charges will apply.

Pharmacy/Fertility2U/Healthcare at Home cannot take responsibility for storage of medication once it has left their premises.  Once medication has been dispensed they are unable to refund charges or accept return of any unused drugs.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact the Business Manager at Orbit Fertility on 01274 550619.


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