Knee Replacement Surgery – A Beginner’s Guide

Knee Replacement Surgery

Thousands of people each year undergo knee replacement surgery each year and this procedure helps to alleviate joint pain and increase mobility. For those thinking of knee replacement surgery, it’s important to look at what’s involved. 

Knee replacement surgery is most typically required for older patients, whose joints have undergone more wear and tear. A knee replacement operation may be required at any stage of life, however, and the main reason that somebody will require a knee replacement procedure is due to an arthritic condition affecting the mobility of their knee joints. After a successful procedure, a patient should find that the movement of their knee or knees is considerably less restrictive and the pain of everyday motions should be drastically reduced.

Knee Replacement – The Basics

The knee is on of the most complex joints in the body and knee replacement surgery is an option for those whose knee joints have received substantial damage or when an arthritic condition has inhibited mobility. The knee joint consists of the end of the thigh bone (femur), the shin bone (tibia) and the knee bone itself (patella) and when damage to the joint occurs, a knee replacement operation is often the best solution to reduce pain and increase mobility.

Knee Replacement – Cartilage Concern

The requirement for knee replacement is often as the result of the cartilage between the knee and the bones it connects to being worn away; predominantly as the result of arthritis. The resulting pain from a lack of cartilage in the knee joint can be severe and the flexibility of the joint will be greatly diminished. For those in this position, a knee replacement procedure invariably yields the most favourable results as it replaces the knee with an artificial joint, which should bring an end to crippling knee pains and allow knee replacement recipients to work further and for longer.

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