Exercise & Rehabilitation After Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is capable of giving recipients a new lease of life and it is of vital importance to look after a knee replacement. There are a number of exercises and sports that can be utilised to aid a knee replacement. 

Exercise and certain sports can prove extremely beneficial when it comes to making sure that a knee replacement procedure continues to work successfully. More and more people, particularly those in middle and old age, are opting for knee replacement surgery when the pain of their joint conditions, usually osteoarthritis, means that their mobility is severely restricted. After successfully completing a knee replacement procedure, the recipient should consider a number of exercises, governed by the advice of their doctors, which should ensure the knee replacement operation yields the best possible results.

Knee Replacement – Keeping Your New Knee In Shape

Rehabilitation is one of the most integral parts of a knee replacement operation and it is important to follow the exercise regimes provide by doctors. A knee replacement procedure has proved to be a very successful means of eradicating knee pain and improving an individual’s mobility but in order to yield the best results, particularly attention needs to be paid to the rehabilitation process. Soon after a knee replacement operation, a doctor will most likely recommend exercises that stimulate blood flow to the region, such as: 

  • Straight Leg Lifts – The manoeuvre can prove beneficial after a knee replacement as it increases blood flow. Keeping the knee straight, lift your heel off the bed. 
  • Ankle Pumps – Utilising foot and ankle pumps are good for knee replacement patients as it will facilitate blood flow to the extremities.

Knee Replacement – Sports To Consider

After a period of rehabilitation, a knee replacement patient can consider taking part in some sports, after seeking advice from a doctor. Generally speaking, those who have undergone knee replacement surgery should focus on low impact sports as these will minimise the amount of stress placed on the joint and the prosthetic knee itself. Some of the low impact pursuits that could prove beneficial include: 

  • Walking / Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Cycling

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