Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder Surgery

Here at the Yorkshire Clinic we have many fields of expertise - one of which is in orthopaedics. Our orthopaedics department offers a range of surgeries including shoulder, knee and hip procedures.

The shoulder contains three bones which consist of; the upper arm bone (humerus), shoulder blade (scapula) and collarbone (clavicle).

As well as these, your shoulders contain glenohumeral joints which are classed as the major joints of the shoulders. Within the joints there is cartilage, allowing the bones to smoothly slide over one another. If the cartilage between these joints become worn the bones within the joint begin to rub against each other, this is known as arthritis.

Shoulders are increasingly complex and the shoulder joints are one of the most affected by instability making it more susceptible to injury. There are many types of shoulder surgery which aim to repair ligaments, joints and muscles which have been affected by overuse of the shoulder or disease.

Shoulder Surgeries Available

Total Shoulder Replacement

A total shoulder replacement is used in more serious cases of damage to the shoulder joint. It involves the replacement of the head of the humerus (ball) with a metal counterpart. However, in more extreme cases the entire joint may need to be replaced.

The replacement is normally undertaken for people suffering from arthritis or a sustained injury. In the cases of arthritis the cartilage has been worn away, allowing the bones within the shoulder joint to rub together, causing great discomfort.

The surgery is normally performed under general anaesthesia and lasts approximately two hours.

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Rotator Cuff Tear Surgery

The rotator cuff is a group of tendons and ligaments which provides support to the arm at the glenohumeral joint – stabilising the shoulder.

The cuff can become worn and cause a lot of pain which restricts arm movement. A tear normally forms through excessive repetitive motions such as in the act of playing a sport which involves a lot of throwing.

This procedure normally lasts for 45 minutes and is performed as a minimally invasive procedure under general anaesthetic.  However, in certain instances depending on the size of the tear, open surgery may be required. During the surgery the removal of thickened tissue and the release of tight tissue takes place, in order to repair the damage.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

In order for surgeons to diagnose a damaged shoulder joint, an arthroscopy can be performed. An arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure which is often used instead of open surgery as it promotes faster healing, less scarring and a decreased chance of infection.

A surgeon will make a cut above the affected shoulder joint and an arthroscope (small camera) will be inserted under the skin. Alongside a potential diagnosis of the issue, in certain cases, the surgeon may be able to repair the damaged joint.

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The Yorkshire Clinic offers a range of surgical and non-surgical options to suit your immediate needs. We take you through the diagnostic process and formulate the best treatment plan to suit your individual requirements – whether this is a physio, pain management or surgical plan.

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