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Skin Cancer Screening Clinic

Skin Cancer Screening Clinic Yorkshire

Be Skin Aware

"If in doubt check it out - Prevention is better than the cure"

We all know of the risks of sun bathing, but the glow a nice tan can give you is very tempting.  How can it be harmful when it makes you feel good? 

However, the facts speak for themselves, more and more people are getting skin cancer in the UK and although not all skin cancers are dangerous, at least 1,000 people a year in the UK will die of skin cancer and many more will need major operations to cure their cancer. 

Diagnosing skin cancers at an early stage and treating areas of pre-cancerous sunlight damage can not only save your life but can prevent major, disfiguring surgery. 

Here at The Yorkshire Clinic in Bingley we have a Skin Cancer Screening Clinic where you will be seen and examined by one of our experienced Consultants and provided with information on sun awareness and skin cancer.

If you would like any further information regarding the Skin Cancer Screening Clinic along with our package prices please contact us on 01274 550655 or email us via form